Tatjana van Onna will visit our studio for the fifth time in 2019 to host some workshops in and Duffel
Tatjana is a born entertainer and owner of one of the biggest pole dance studio's in Amsterdam. - Pole Dance Factory Amsterdam

Winner Category Classique Pole Theatre 2016
Winner Dutch Pole Art 2015

The program in Duffel
13u00 - 14u30 EXOTIC FLOW  - ALL LEVEL
Learn a choreography in Tatjana’s favorite style! Different elements from Exotic pole will be combined with floorwork and tricks around the pole. Feel feminine, sexy and confident.   You do not need to have experience just curious to learn more about Tatjana's favorite style.

15u00 - 16u30 POLE TRICKS - INTERMEDIATE 1 & 2
Learn new tricks and combo’s in which we will focus on moving gracious, flow and the finishing touch of your movements. We will combine power and flexy tricks and you will learn how to create beautiful shapes with your body.  For this level you need to climb easily and invert in the pole.

Don’t forget your heels (pleasers) en let’s dance! Note: Knee pads are a must during this workshop.

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